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Imperfect Items

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Your Price: $3.99
Random mix of samples, imperfects, and surprise box items.
Part Number: CLR_ALL
Availability: In Stock.
Quantity Price
5 - 11 $2.19
12 - 17 $2.00
18 - 23 $1.80
24+ $1.60

Since everything we make is by hand, we are bound to mess up. These items are made with the same care, but they've got some bumps, cracks, or size variations that make them unsuitable for being sold at full price. 

How many items will you get? 

That's up to you! To keep track of our inventory, we fill these according to your wishes. One item to one hundred items. Sometimes we have a few mini bath bombs or taffy's that we will count as 1/2 an item. All items start at $3.99, so the more you buy, the more you save. 

How long will my items last?

We work in small batches, so items in our imperfect box aren't that old at all, and due to their popularity we sell through our imperfect stash pretty quick. We suggest using your items within a year of purchase. 

What if I don't like what I get?

That's the only downside of buying an imperfect box. However, your box is filled by real live humans! Just mention "I don't like lavender" or "I really like the Love Spell Bath Bomb" and we will try to pick things that match your tastes. 


  • Imperfect product such as bath bombs, bubble taffy, seasonal items, rock candy, bubble bath, etc
  • Quantity of one = one, purchase as many as you wish within our availability


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