Cannabidiol or CBD is collected from the resin glands of marijuana or hemp. The short story is CBD derived from marijuana is typically only available in certain states through prescriptions, while it's hemp derived cousin is legal. Hemp CBD contains no traceable amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana). 

It's generally thought that CBD derived from marijuana is more effective, but alas - is not legal in most states - or at all according to Federal Law. 

So what's the deal with CBD? 

 Cannabidiol is thought to help symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as chronic pain. Unfortunately, there is not tons of data on this as there aren't enough human studies. 

CBD oil isn't under any sort of regulation, which is good and bad. For a small business, there are less hurdles to jump through. On the other side of this, it also means that amounts of CBD per product can vary wildly as you are relying on the manufacturer to adhere to measuring constants.  

My opinion on CBD is that, pending further studies, I feel it is a very promising ingredient. Especially in the topical world of cosmetics, bath oils, and bath bombs. 

Any ingredient that can take the place of other more detrimental ingredients needs to be explored. 

That said - my products aren't intended to treat or cure any symptom, or disease. So use in health and well being! 

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